April Paintings

April was a busy month for me. Here are several paintings from the past 5 weeks. I usually post my paintings while in process and completed on Instagram and Facebook. The links are to the right if you’d like to follow me.

This painting is in an invitational figurative show that opens on May 9th at Miller Gallery in Cincinnati.

“hope….with silence”
24″ x 24″
modern fresco

hope with silence b

This is a little painting that I did as a test. I’ve been testing panels and surfaces for Ampersand over the past month.

“remember what I saw”
8″x 8″
modern fresco  (sold)

to remember what i saw b



This painting was a special piece that I painted for a new collector that lives on the Isle of Anglesey. I love shipping my work overseas.

“there is time left”
10″ x 8″
modern fresco  (sold

there is time left  b



This painting went to Wally Workman Gallery a few weeks ago. It sold quickly! After spending years painting my figures in white space, I have to admit that I am enjoying painting them in black space. Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback!

“a place I never go”
12″ x 12″
modern fresco  (sold

a place I never go b

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